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DECS® - Podium/Lectern

The DECS® Podium/Lectern 624 Pro interactive pen display enables a presenter to face an audience while mirroring a connected computer's display to a large format display. The podium/lectern includes DECS® Meeting Pro software and facilitates interactivity in business boardrooms and auditoriums. The DECS® Podium/Lectern 624 Pro works with your computer and DECS® Product Drivers to provide a reliable interactive experience. You can do everything you do at your computer - use DECS® Ink, open and close applications, create and edit documents, visit websites, play and manipulate videos and more - just by touching the podium/lectern's surface with your finger. Use the pen for precise annotation over presented materials, and you can save your notes in many applications. In addition to the familiar features of other DECS® podiums/lectern, the HDCP-compliant DECS® Podium/Lectern 624 Pro includes easily accessible buttons, a pen rest, and a stand.