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Duty Enforcement & Control System

DECS (Duty Enforcement & Control System) is a path breaking software product providing integrated security solution to the user. The software manages security locations along with providing staff data on a single click through graphical interface.The present technology of DECS (Duty Enforcement & Control System) ensures a complete package of technology with graphical interface. Technology - such as video feeds and video recordings - gets integrated into DECS (Duty Enforcement & Control System) modules with extensive listings and tags for quick retrievals. Its primary features are:

  • Location Map The software has inbuilt feature of a user configurable location map that can be designed according to the respective building/society/area
  • Staff Registration – The software has feature of staff registration that captures their personal profile, contact details, caste, photos and registers their finger prints.
  • Duty Allocation system – The software has manual feature of duty allocation system for staff. The duties are enabled for allocating among duty timings and beat points.
  • Computerized duty allocations – The software comes equipped with computer-assisted duty allocation system.
  • Lottery based duty Allocation method – The software carries feature of system-decided beat point allocation system.
  • Bio metric based attendance system – Attendance of staff is carried out by software through bio metric identification system. The attendance is therefore accurate to the last milli second.