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Academia is a complete School Management System that has all essentials needed for a School. It can work in a Networked Environment where it connects to all Teachers and Users within and also in a standalone computer. In a networked environment teachers can be able to Mark Exams Attendance for their classes and then it will be possible to generate Report for the same. This method ensures that the records are saved electronically for current referencing and future queries.


  • DASHBOARD : Shows Strength of Class in the form of Pie Chart, Calendar Section for Events and News, Daily Attendance Graph and Income and Expense Stats. School Notices can be posted by the Admin, which can be for whole school or class specific, visible only to Parents or Class teachers of that specific Class. It acts like the school Notice Board.
  • REGISTRATION DETAILS : Shows list of Accepted and Rejected Student in Tabular Form. Students, teachers & Admin can view & update their profiles, Photographs, Contact Numbers, Password so that most current information's are available in School Database.
  • ADMISSION MANAGER : From here we assign Section, Class, Fees Applicable and Session of the Student. This module manages the admission and registration process for both old and new students, who are automatically treated differently based on pre-provided information. It leaves no scope for complications arising from human errors.
  • CLASS MASTER : In this we specify total number of Seat allotment in that particular Class and later map those classes with different Sections. This will act as a Master for the Schools in case if they want to change or Add according to their need
  • STUDENT MANAGER : In this Module we can check total number of Students studying in that Particular School with option of View Details, Edit Assign Fees and Active/Inactive Option. Student Manager will define what is the overall strength of the School. If any Student leaves of some reason or its session is complete in that case we can simply deactivate it so that no notification and message will be sent to that Particular Student.