Services & Solutions


Phoenix has made the process user friendly, paperless, cashless, and also supports various government agencies such as Crime Investigation Agencies (CIA/STF/NSA/Police etc.), National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) & National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) with customized on demand reports. Further it has in built pop up and alert system for (Absconders, Petty cases and Dead cases, CRPC 436-A etc.)

Important Features of Phoenix

  • Prison/Prisoner Information Management System - Detail information of all prisons and prisoner
  • Inmate profiling - Name, father name, Address, Contact No. with complete demographic
  • Gate Control (on finger print identification) with automatic gate -To ensure security and In-Out history.
  • Meta search engine (for finger print identification)- 100% positioning and Professional quality customization
  • Budget Management- Top-down budget entry
  • Decision support system- Helps automate managerial processes.
  • Leave (Parole/Furlough) Management System- Process flow of Parole/Furlough for eligible inmates
  • Release management system –Ensure transparent and faster disposal